White Gloss Aluminum Badge, No Backing

White Gloss Aluminum Badge, No Backing

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We call 'em "Naked" because they're not dressed with anything - no backer. Naked badges are printed, cut to size and cornered (or left square, if that's how you don't roll.) Great for D-I-Y badges, metal business cards, metal labels or for sticking to plaques and trophies.

These are exactly the same as our White Aluminum Badges - the only difference is - they're just printed metal shipped flat, with no backing. Add the backing of your choice when they arrive. They're $1.00 less, so you make more profit if you're willing to apply the backing (it's easy - you just need a steady hand.) We include unsealed clear sleeves.

Or, apply double stick tape and they make fine permanent labels - great for products (like wheelchairs) that need a label that can be washed. They'd also work as business cards.

.030" thick. Standard sizes or custom - any size up to 7 sq. inches. Larger sizes available - please ask.

No setup fee - No charge for Bleeds.

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